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Your donations can change families lives.

Improving Lives

Our Mission
  1. Economic Development
    Economic Development
    We are implementing initiatives to promote economic development through various sustainable projects including modern agricultural practices.
  2. Community Healthcare
    Community Healthcare
    We are implementing initiatives to offer affordable healthcare to the wider community by creating the new Rinya Health Centre.
  3. Education & Literacy
    Education & Literacy
    Rinya Academy provides education to the local children. We also support the community secondary school Manyatta High School to promote higher education in the community.
  4. Water & Sanitation
    Water & Sanitation
    Clean Water & Sanitation is essential for a healthy community. Together with our partners we have started implementing initiatives to enable access to clean water and sanitation
  5. Community Infrastructure
    Community Infrastructure
    We have set up initiatives to identify community assets and improve community infrastructure
  6. Community Employment
    Community Employment
    Our community projects are providing community employment that provides a much needed income to several families
Our Work
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Most families in the community are very poor living on a wage of less than $2 per day. A lot of individuals within the community are very intelligent and need a helping hand to jumpstart their success.  

With your donation and volunteer services, Dr Simon Odede foundation aims to provide the environment, services and facilities to assist in the prosperity of every family in the wider community.
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