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Odede foundation is a not for profit entity founded by Dr Odede's eldest son Samuel M Odede and his wife Emma J Odede in December 2016 following the death of Dr Odede. This organization has neither political nor religious affiliations and was founded to carry out community development projects and charity activities in a small region in Western Kenya.  
Samuel and Emma are Australian citizens both based in Sydney, New South Wales.  Samuel has dual Australian Kenyan citizenship.

What makes us unique

Through Dr. Odede's hard work and perseverance he established infrastructure and facilities that are immediately available for community use. We aim to put these infrastructure and facilities to good use to assist the wider community who are overwhelmingly caught up in a cycle of poverty.
Donations are required to set up facilities to promote progress in the community.

As a long term commitment to community development our foundation has donated the following facilities to carry out community development projects at no profit:
  • Building sites
  • Boreholes for water supply
  • Electricity
  • Generators

Charity location

The community is based in Sare, Awendo, South Nyanza. Please view the contact us page. The population of the wider community that we hope to cover is approximately 50,000

How did we get involved in charity

The late Dr Simon Odede was a passionate philanthropist since 1971 until his passing away on the 19th Nov 2016. He was involved in several community projects including education, health, infrasructure and agriculture. He was a pioneer in many ways. Because of his tireless work he left behind a strong foundation to continue the good work.

There  still remains a lot to be done so we felt it was our responsibility to set up an entity to continue the good work. Poverty, disease, lack of education and poor infrastructure are some of the major issues in the community that hamper economic development. 

Our  foundation is determined to carry on Dr. Odede's legacy.

Management and Fundraising

We are a small organization with very low overheads, administration costs and mostly volunteers all funds will be directed to development projects with very minimal overhead costs.
We have set up leadership and fundraising activities in Australia,  with a strong committee of experts on the ground in Kenya to execute the day to day activities.

The management leadership in Australia is responsible for overall strategic planning and fundraising,
The committee of local experts in Kenya is mainly responsible for project management and  running the day to day activities.

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Our fundraising activities are carried out in partnership with a renowned and established Australian charity partner with DGR status therefore all donations made to this foundation in Australia are tax deductible.

Vision, Strategy and Scope

We have a long term commitment to the community and as such we have donated the Odede family building sites and facilities for community development.
Our long term goal as an organization is to improve on Dr Odede's achievements by making further progress. We realize that there are limits on what is achievable and not every single issue can be resolved immediately however we are determined to assist the commuinity in whatever way possible to achieve further progress.

Our vision and strategy is to focus on 'impact based' projects and initiatives that have measurable outcomes and lead to economic independence for all families within the community. We do not believe in handouts but rather in offering a helping hand to the wider community to achieve economic independence. The scope of our activities set are centered around the following sectors:

  • Education
  • Heathcare
  • Infrastructure
  • Economic empowerment

We believe that in order to achieve any meaningful progress, all of the above sectors must be tackled at the same time because they are interdependent. One single sector cannot develop without the rest of the sectors.

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Code of Ethics and Professional Conduct

Our team in Australia are individual members of the Rotary International and Fundraising Institute of Australia (FIA). As such we abide by the Principles of Fundraising Practice that conform to the International Statement of Ethical Principles of Fundraising and serve to mark the aspirations of FIA.
Our Ethical principles are:
  • Honesty -  we act honestly and truthfully so that public trust is protected and donors and beneficiaries are not misled
  • Respect -  we act with respect for the dignity of our organisation and with respect for the dignity of donors and beneficiaries
  • Integrity - we act openly and with regard to our responsibility for public trust. 
  • Empathy - we work in a way that promotes our purpose and encourages others to use the same professional standards and engagement. We value individual privacy, freedom of choice, and diversity in all its forms
  • Transparency - we stimulate clear reports, about the work we do, the way donations are managed and disbursed, and cost and expenses, in an accurate and clear manner. 

This organization was founded in honour of the late Dr  Simon Odede  (1935 -2016).  
Dr  Odede was a passionate philanthropist dedicated to the development of the community and surrounding areas.
Since 1971 Dr. Odede dedicated his life to the community promoting healthcare, education and various community projects. He was a trusted advisor and mentor to the community. A lot of work still remains to be done. We vow to continue the work through the Dr Simon Odede foundation. 
Dr Odede will be solely missed by his dear wife, sons, daughters, sisters, sisters in law, his extended family and the wider community.