Economic Development


As an organization we believe that economic independence drives individual empowerment.
Agriculture is the primary source of income in the community and as such a lot of focus must be placed on this sector to improve the lives of the community.

As a long term commitment to the community this foundation has donated the use of its facilities at no profit including:
  • Building sites
  • Boreholes for water supply
  • Electricity
  • Generators


Until recently the primary source of income in the community has been small scale sugarcane farming. Sugarcane takes approx 18 months to mature and the farming practices are obsolete and therefore inefficient.  Sugarcane farming was once profitable in the 1980s and 1990s however things have changed since.
The sugarcane industry has been hit hard during the last two decades particularly after the formation of Common Market for Eastern and Southern Africa (COMESA) which is a free trade area with twenty member states stretching from Libya to Swaziland.
It is now much cheaper to import Sugar from other COMESA countries than it is to grow and produce sugar locally in Awendo. This has resulted in increased poverty in the region given that there is no government support for alternatives.
Your donation is required to start new initiatives to fund, train and create services for the community to migrate to more profitable cash crops and/or animal farming and apply modern agricultural techniques.
The possibilities are greenhouse (horticulture), dairy and poultry farming.


Farmer's Co-Operative

It is essential that we set up a co-operative in the community that serves the collective needs of the farmers. The functions of the  co-operative include offering:

  1. Training
  2. Affordable financing
  3. Transport & Logistics
  4. Legal and professional services
  5. Farm equipment & machinery
  6. Processing & Packaging facilities
  7. Market Research and distribution networks
  8. Collective bargaining 

Your donation will contribute towards the initial setup costs of the farmer's co-operative with a view to full sustainance within 2 years

Water Supply

Climate and rainfall are amenable to agriculture in this area except for the dry seasons between December and March. Initiatives need to be put in place for water harvesting and borehole constructions to enable consistent water supply all year round. The Odede family have constructed boreholes and other water harvesting techniques within their own private compound and therefore have some experience implementing this.
This foundation plans to raise enough funding to implement water harvesting techniques around the community.

Your donation is required to set up and construct boreholes and water harvesting tanks in strategic locations to cater for the farming needs of the community.

GreenHouse (Horticulture)

Although greenhouse (horticulture) farming is very profitable it requires substantial initial investment, reliable supply of water and most importantly a trained and dedicated workforce.
By starting a Farmer's  Co-operative we hope to set up affordable financing options and professional services to assist farmers to engage in Greenhouse (Horticulture) farming and be confident that there is distribution network and market to sell their produce.

Your donation will contribute towards the initial setup costs of the farmer's co-operative to provide the infrastructure and services required for Greenhouse/Horticulture.

A detailed report of the sponsored family's progress will be provided to each sponsor including family background, project reports, testimonials and photographs. 

Poultry Farming

Poultry farming as a supplementary income source is the least demanding in terms of initial investment, training , running costs and land size required. Virtually every family can engage in Poultry farming. 
We plan to set up initiatives like 'Poultry for Families' that sponsors families to setup materials required to enagage in Poultry farming. 

Your donation will sponsor the poorest families by providing the initial setup costs required for poultry farming. To ensure that the funds are spent appropriately we will offer (through the co-operative) to supply materials and manpower to set it all up for them including training and other services. 

A detailed report of the sponsored family's progress will be provided to each sponsor including family background, project reports, testimonials and photographs. 

The photos show some of the farming projects started by the Odede farm including horticulture, dairy, chicken, and an experimental Greenhouse.  
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