Healthcare - Rinya Health Centre

 Dr. Odede was passionate about healthcare as a cornerstone of community development. He built Rinya Clinic which later became the former Rinya Hospital. Unfortunately most patients were unable to pay their medical bills to cover the hospital treatment, drugs and running costs.
Government healthcare insurance ( NHIF) is very limited in scope and only the very wealthy in Kenya can afford to purchase private health insurance.

As a long term commitment to the community this foundation has donated the use of its facilities at no profit including:
  • Building sites
  • Boreholes for water supply
  • Electricity
  • Generators


One of the major goals of this foundation is to develop a healthcare facility that provides affordable healthcare to everyone in the community to avoid people having go without essential medical treatment, or travel long distances for medical assistance, or go bankrupt due to unaffordable medical bills.  

Out-Patient Facility

One of our first goals is to establish an out-patient facility for the community that caters for treating day patients and providing medication to treat and prevent diseases such as  typhoid, cholera, malaria, HIV related illnesses etc.

Your donation will contribute towards building renovations and medical equipment required to set up of an Out-Patient facility to provide affordable healthcare to the community.


One of our first goals is to establish a pharmacy to distribute much needed medical drugs to all patients in the community.
Medical drugs are required to treat and prevent dieseases such as typhoid, cholera, malaria, HIV related illnesses etc 

Your donation will contribute towards building renovations and medical drugs required for the pharmacy to provide affordable healthcare to the community.

Staff Quarters

Buildings are currently available for staff quarters that have both water supply and electricity lines. The buildings are in a secure area surrounded by fencing. Renovations are required because the buildings have been uninhabited for over 10 years.

Your donation will contribute towards building renovations for the staff quarters that will house the skilled workforce required to provide essential services to the community.

Operating Theatre & In-Patient Facility

At a later stage we plan to set up an In-Patient facility and Operating Theatre to cater for patients that require minor surgical procedures and overnight stays. The operating theatre will initially cater for minor surgical procedures with a view to future expansion.

Your donation will contribute towards the setup of the In-Patient facility and operating theatre to provide affordable healtcare to the community.

About Your Donation

Your donation will be used for initial start up costs of the Rinya Health Centre with a goal to being self sufficient within 5 years.
Initial costs will include:
  • renovations
  • ​hiring staff
  • purchase of hospital furniture
  • purchase of medical equipment
  • Setting up an operating theatre
  • NHIF registration etc...

This foundation must also find ways to generate supplementary income from other initiatives in the community so that we can subsidize medical costs for the community.

The photo slideshow  shows some of the building structures that will be used by Rinya Health Centre.
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  2. Title 2
  3. Title 3
  4. Title 4
  5. Title 5
  6. Title 6
  7. Title 7
  8. Title 8
  9. Title 9
  10. Title 10
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